Establish the CO₂ balance of your municipality

Do you want to measure and reduce your CO₂ impact?

Act for sustainability, establish your CO₂ balance continuously.

Do you want to measure and reduce your CO₂ impact without hassle or costly audits? Open Net Sàrl, in collaboration with the HES-SO, has developed the first continuous calculation system for your CO₂ balance.

  • Problem

    We are all in a race against time to decarbonize our society and stay within the limits of the Paris Agreement. To act efficiently, we must start by measuring our emissions, but conducting a carbon footprint is a significant burden for a municipality. This investment tends to need regular renewal and to consume human and financial resources that could be allocated to actions.

  • Solution

    Automating the calculation of a carbon footprint saves time, frees up resources, and provides the latitude to act. MyCityCO₂ offers a calculation engine that matches each account of the MCH2 plan with a CO₂ equivalence and allows integrating a second axis into your accounting, that of carbon impact. With our integrated web application, you can share the result with the population.

  • Advantages

    Your personalized "flash" balance is offered to you
    Equivalence factors are validated by the scientific community. The code is open source and inspired by the GHG Protocol.
    Data collection is automated during accounting.
    Your balance, item by item, over 10 years, is put into perspective with the Paris agreements or your transition plan.
  • Operation

    Following your "flash" balance, you can work with our experts or your partners to specify in detail the equivalences that correspond to your context.
    Your balance is available in a web application and contributes to your transition plan.
    Common Good
    We are building a digital commons, your improvement requests contribute to it.
You cannot improve what you cannot measure.
W. Edwards Deming