Integrate cryptocurrencies into your accounting

Assets and transactions, FIAT and cryptocurrencies, consolidated in a single accounting system

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Unify your cryptocurrency accounting with Odoo

We unify your accounting processes, regardless of the nature of the asset, to enable you to maintain a simple and efficient accounting system for your business.

  • Problem

    Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, their economic impact has continued to grow, and many companies active in various sectors have integrated them into their accounting. Despite this change, there are very few solutions available to date for maintaining accounting that includes crypto assets. The volume of transactions and the multiple blockchains make managing these assets tedious.

  • Solution

    In collaboration with major players in this sector, Open Net offers its clients tools tailored to the integration of crypto assets into the Odoo ERP. Accounting in fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies are thus unified in a single software. This solution allows the integration of numerous exchange platforms, automating many processes.

  • Advantages

    All your assets accounted for in a single application.
    Automatic retrieval of values from the Kraken platform, directly from the Ethereum blockchain, or, for Bitcoin, through Electrum.
    In close contact with our partners, we continuously complete and adjust our modules to your needs.
    Financial Statements
    Prepare your audit documents regardless of the nature of your assets.
  • Operation

    We present to you the operation of our modules.
    We activate our modules and configure them according to the nature of the assets used by your company.
    During the implementation phase, we accompany you in getting started.
    Needs evolve, and we have chosen Open Source. All our clients' requests are made available in our modules.
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