Mosaïk, advanced application interface

Harness Odoo data with graphical freedom

Free your web interface from the constraints of your ERP.

You want a custom application independent of the evolution of your favorite ERP. Open Net Sàrl has developed an application interface that meets the needs of high-performance web services!

  • Problem

    Odoo, with its integrated website builder, is an effective solution for basic needs. However, for companies with more complex requirements, this simplicity can be limiting. Challenges such as performance management during high traffic, advanced design customization, and constraints related to updates become critical issues.

  • Solution

    Mosaïk is our innovative response to the limitations encountered with Odoo. Using cutting-edge technologies, this framework offers total customization freedom while efficiently accessing your ERP data. Designed to work with Odoo, our solution nonetheless maintains functional independence.

  • Advantages

    Mosaïk offers graphical freedom well beyond Odoo's native capabilities.
    Designed to be compatible with various versions of Odoo, our solution ensures the longevity of your investment.
    Whether online or offline, Mosaïk allows you to maintain your productivity without interruption.
    The flexibility of our solution ensures high availability and the ability to effectively manage traffic spikes.
    Mosaïk offers fast and smooth performance, even in demanding scenarios.
  • Operation

    Needs Definition
    Precise analysis of graphical requirements and types of data to manipulate.
    Integration of External Needs
    Recognition and incorporation of specific requests from your external services.
    Interface Design
    Development of a static mockup to visualize the user interface.
    Deployment of the solution, followed by continuous maintenance to ensure its performance and reliability.
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