The steps to your success

Odoo, build your ERP according to your needs

Odoo's modular architecture allows you to implement at the pace of your business. Let's focus on your priorities, then progressively integrate all your current and future needs.

Sales Process

Track your leads, create quotes, reserve goods, deliver, and invoice in one simple process without double entry.

Track leads, close deals
Online quoting, from offer to e-signature
Contract management

Accounting and Finance

Invoicing made simple! With Odoo, sales, purchases, and services are all actions linked to your accounting.

With Odoo, sales, purchases, and services are all actions linked to your accounting
Daily tracking of your financial evolution
Bank statement synchronization and reconciliation

CO₂ Footprint and Audit

Continuous measurement of your CO₂ impact simply and without expensive audits thanks to our integration with accounting.

Integrated with your accounting for continuous assessment
Open Source and interfaced with other accounting software
Allows calculation and simulation of CO₂ impacts of manufacturing

Human Resources

An integrated HR solution to manage your teams, track attendance and execution times, keep an eye on expense reports and leaves, and salary accounting.

Track time, absences, and approve expense reports
Organize job offers and applications
Set up periodic evaluations with your employees

Inventory and Logistics

Optimize your inventory, reduce stocks, avoid stockouts, simplify your work even with advanced logistics.

Automate your purchasing processes
Less stock, no stockouts thanks to automatic replenishment
More traceability and real-time visibility

Website & E-commerce

Create your website and add features to it: e-commerce, customer portal, events, blog, newsletter, and job offers.

A modern online store
Turn visitors into customers
Marketing optimization

Point of Sale & Restaurants

Simple, convenient, and integrated with your stocks, Odoo's POS offers everything your store or restaurant needs, synchronized with your e-commerce.

Everything your store needs
A stunning view of your restaurant
A multi-platform hardware solution that integrates your equipment

Manufacturing, Quality, and PLM

Optimize your manufacturing plan, spot quality alerts, visualize equipment usage, and maintenance in one application.

Optimize your inventory level with efficient replenishment proposals
Quality management
Barcode, ready-to-use

Project Management

Stay in control of your projects. In a clear interface, collaborate, share documents to align your team's actions.

Anticipate needs and plan resources, project management linked to employee availability
Harness the power of visual information
Collaborate and share documents